About Coloured Circle

Colored Circle is committed to making a substantial contribution to connecting cultures in the broadest sense of the word. We achieve our goals through cultural and social activities and education, in the interest of current and future generations.

What is Coloured Circle?

Coloured Circle is a broad, cultural organization that brings together people from different backgrounds. With our culturally and socially oriented projects we operate in all layers of society. The diversity of views and cultural expressions is a source of inspiration and an important basis for all our initiatives.

Coloured Circle also has the ANBI status and is fully committed to the public interest.

For whom?

Coloured Circle is for for every individual and every organization and company that strives for connection and cohesion.

Collaborate with Colored Circle
Colored Circle finds collaborating with others a valuable input in the realization of its projects. The implementation of our projects therefore has a democratic and versatile character.

How can we work together
We work on an equal basis during the implementation of our ideas. You can be part of our think tank. Or you can submit an initiative. Our motto is: “Bring the creativity in yourself to life!”

Who are we?

Colored Circle is a broad, cultural organization that brings together people from different backgrounds. We strive for connection and progress from a colorful perspective with the aim of reflecting the diversity of cultures within our society and giving it a constructive twist. Our motto is: “Wake up the inspirator in yourself”

Our people
Our people are: Doers, Inspirators, Curious, Creative, Daredevils, Brave, Criticasters, Skeptics, Analysts, Provocateurs and Optimists.
With this fertile breeding ground of properties and visions, we bring about important changes. Do you want to add to our list?


Colored Circle has been established in Amsterdam since 2006 and over the years has built up a network of valuable partners with governments, educational institutions and local and national media.

Philosophy of Colored Circle
Colored Circle believes that connection, education and the dynamics between or within cultures should be sustainably, innovatively and creatively nourished in a constructive manner in order to shape cohesion and cooperation in our society.
We believe it is vital to combat segregation in every area of ​​our society. If the current trend of segregation continues, important values ​​such as our social capital and our ability to find creative solutions to complex problems will be lost.