"Coloured Circle" symbolises the earth and the diversity of all its inhabitants. The perfect circle symbolizes the importance of cooperation, connection, accountability and awareness.

"Nothing stands on its own, you always encounter each other in your own unique appearance in the circle of life.



Coloured Circle is committed to making a substantial contribution to connecting cultures in the broadest sense of the word. Through cultural and social activities and education, we achieve our goals in the interest of present and future generations.



Coloured Circle believes that connection, education and the dynamics between or within cultures should be constructively nurtured in a permanent, innovative and creative way in order to shape the cohesion and cooperation in our society.

We find it crucial to counteract segregation in every area of our society. If the current trend of segregation continues, important values such as our social collective capital and our ability to find creative solutions to complex problems will vanish.


How can you contribute to our mission?

If you are interested in one of our projects please contact us or register via our contact form to participate in our think tank. You can also send us a cover letter.
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